Microblading: technique where a handheld tool called a «tebori» (metal pen) and a blade
(microblading needle) are used to create strokes that mimic natural eyebrow hairs, filling in
sparse areas and bald spots, or defining existing brows. It’s an ideal technique for those
who want to achieve perfect and natural-looking eyebrows.

Price: 320€

12 months touch-up: 150€

> 12 months touch-up: 190€

Powder brows: semi-permanent tattoo technique involving shading or powdering the eyebrows, creating a gradient effect with lighter intensity towards the inner brow and more
color saturation towards the tail or outer brow.

Price: 330€ (includes a touch-up at 6-8 weeks)

12 months touch-up: 150 €

> 12 months touch-up: 190€

Combo brows / cashmere brows: technique combining a light powder effect with nanostrokes that simulate hairs, essentially a combination of powder brows and microblading.

Price: 350€ (includes a touch-up at 6-8 weeks)

12 months touch-up: 170€

> 12 months touch-up: 220€


Eyelash line eyeliner: provides a very natural result, adding depth to the gaze, volume to
the lashes, and defining the eye contour.

Price: 280€ (includes a touch-up at 6-8 weeks)

18 months touch-up: 130€

> 18 month touch-up: 170€

· Classic eyeliner: in addition to lining the lashes, this technique involves micro-pigmenting
a line on the eyelid with a tail-like finish, creating a classic look that never goes out of style,
enhancing the gaze.

Price: 320€ (includes a touch-up at 6-8 weeks)

18 months touch-up: 170€

> 18 month touch-up: 220€

Eyeliner powder style (shaded): achieves a blurred and pixelated shaded effect, adding a
daring touch to any gaze. It’s one of the latest trends in eye micropigmentation and one of
the most groundbreaking treatments due to its versatility: it can be combined with various
colors, resulting in a striking result with a subtle smokey eye effect.

Price: 320€ (includes a touch up at 6-8 weeks)

18 months touch up: 170€

> 18 month touch up: 220€

Heavy Eyeliner / Upper and Lower Line: creates a more dramatic effect, lining both upper and lower lash lines with a bold cat-eye style.

Price: 44o€ (includes a touch up at 6-8 weeks)

18 months touch-up: 260€

> 18 month touch-up: 290€


Watercolor Lips: novel technique that differs from lip lining, instead focusing on coloring
the entire lip to create a voluminous effect. The result can range from very natural to more
saturated, resembling a bold lipstick effect.

Price: 390€ (includes touch-up at 6-8 weeks)

12 month touch-up: 220€

> 12 months touch-up: 270€